2015 Grand Marshal Stan Livingston

Stan Livingston

If you don’t know Stan Livingston then you never had the chance to work at Randell Sprayers. Or, if you graduated from Woodlake High School in 1953, you would have known that Stan was a motor cycle enthusiast when he wasn’t working on his cars, a ‘36, ‘39 Ford, or ‘40 Chevy all the way up to an exciting Edsel and including a sparkling red Mustang that he wishes he had today.

As one of six Livingston children, Stan grew up in Elderwood when there was still a school on the hill. It was at this school that Stan began his leadership career by being the King of the May Day parade—surrounded by girls! He also created a float framework that required 4 bicycles as the motor.

Stan is no stranger to cows and horses because he spent summers working cattle with his sister Reta and her husband, Darden Bauman. Spring round-up was a regular part of routine even after he was “requested” to join the Army.

Even the US Army was an exciting part of Stan’s life—one hears tales of him planting ice plant around Laguna Seca Race Track and again, working in the motor pool.

It was after the Army that Stan began working at Randell Sprayers. When driving around the countryside, he can name every spray rig and tell the history of it being built. He married and had two sons – Ron and Lynn, also graduates of Woodlake High School. He was very active in community events such as Adult Recreation Basketball, (with the championship team), Boy Scouts, and he also served on the Woodlake Union Elementary School Board from 1969 to 1973. He rarely missed a PGA golf tourney—Pete’s Golf Addicts—that is Pete Legakes and buddies.

After leaving Randell’s Stan continued in the earlier “May Day” experience of being surrounded by females by marrying his wife Janet and he gained a daughter, Alicia, again, both graduates of Woodlake High School. His family expanded even more with grandchildren. Ron and his wife Cindy have three children, Austin and wife Angela, Cale, and Quinn, and Alicia has a daughter, Taylor. He is more than content to listen to all the loud conversations and problem solving when he is surrounded by these wonderful extensions of his family.

Of course, many years were spent in the Woodlake Lions Club working with some of the old greats – pulling cold beers out of melting ice and wiping the sweat off his forehead. As Grand Marshal of the Rodeo Parade he follows in the footsteps of his
father, George Livingston, who had the honor of being Grand Marshal at the age of 83 in 1986.

If you look to your left and to your right, at least one of you will know Stan—or he will know you – or your family, where you came from, and who used to live in your house. His knowledge of Woodlake history is truly a treasure for those who have roots in this community. As his family, we are so pleased for this honor to be given to Stan in acknowledgment of this gentle man who has touched the lives of so many.